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The standalone hydroponic system

The GrowStack© vertical grow units were developed initially for York University, with a view to other educational and research facilities, where the modular design and ease of use will make it an invaluable tool. York University contacted us to look at LED projects in their brand new biology block and we designed the GrowStack S4 prototype for them to see. Subsequently we have supplied 7 units to fill one of the new rooms, and have the prospect of more rooms to fit out with units, saving up to 50% energy cost per growing room.

The unique modular design of the GrowStack system means that lights can be raised or lowered to match growth.

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1. Touchscreen HMI Control

Allows 3 independent lighting programs and up to 4 irrigation cycles per day, all on a real-time clock.

2. Lighting options

Cassettes can be fitted with the L series tubes or the C series dimmable bar lamps. We are currently testing a phone app which can be used to dim the lights remotely via Bluetooth.

3. Lighting cassette and grow trays

Moveable, allowing for variable lighting height . The unit can support up to 3 levels of Valoya lights, giving AP67, AP673L, G2, NS12 and Architectural spectrums.

4. Irrigation cassette

Can link with up to three ebb/flood benches. Fitted with a particle and UV filter unit and a variable flowrate pump.

Flexible, modular design

The unique modular design of the GrowStack© system means that lights can be raised or lowered to match growth.

  • Led’s fitted to suite the crops grown
  • Valoya L Series AP67, AP673L AP NS1/12
  • C Profiles that are dimmable with the above spectrums
  • Easy to maintain hygiene standards
  • Fitted with UV to help control  bactertial contamination threat
  • Can grow a large range of crops in many medias and sizes of container

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