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Project Description

Growing Underground

A few years ago two guys Skyped us and started talking about the possibility of growing in tunnels under ground in London – what a crazy idea! But their timing was spot on as the latest generation of LED’s were now available that meant we finally had complete control over the growing environment.

So we got together and carried out some trials and grew plants 33 metres underground. Once this was shown to be possible, Chris Nelson, Tim Coats, Sean Molloy and Matt Scott got together with Growing Underground and designed a multilevel unit. The system is fully recirculating, with four levels each side with ebb and flood benching system. After the design stage was finished a mock was created just to check out the practical side and to iron out any teething problems. This was then translated into full-scale and built into the tunnels under Clapham in the centre of London UK.

The crops are now growing successfully and sold locally through a range of outlets, including M&S, Waitrose and Whole Foods Market.


  • Valoya LED Tubes Ap673L
  • Ebb and flood
  • Recirculating hydroponic system
  • Inert substrate