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About Us

GrowStack Ltd came together in 2016 when we realised that the vertical farming market was about to explode and here we were with the experience of building a large-scale bespoke vertical farm deep underground in London. We have the combined knowledge and expertise to build a vertical farm virtually anywhere and the passion and drive to make sure that what we build works and becomes a successful venture for our clients.
Let us be your partner in this exciting new industry to deliver the farms of the future.

Tim Coats

Tim is an industrial and horticultural electrical engineer with over 30 years experience in horticultural control and irrigation systems. He has worked with LED grow lights for 10 years, building complete growing systems including Growing Underground in London.

Sean Molloy

Sean is a mechanical and electrical engineer with over 25 years experience in oil & gas, edible oils, chemical production, bespoke manufacturing and the horticultural industries. His skills include medium-scale project management (up to £2m), engineering management, plant layout, electrical design, 2D/3D mechanical design, mechanical and electrical manufacturing. He was responsible for the design, manufacture and installation of the Growing Underground project.

Chris Nelson

Chris has operated in this industry for the last 40 years, initially working for leading manufacturers of fresh produce before venturing out on his own consultancy. He has a broad experience of growing in some of the harshest environments, proven management skills, a consistent record of success and exceptional crop knowledge.

Chris has designed and implemented vertical farms — Growing underground being the largest currently. He has a huge amount of experience with vertical farms and growing successful crops.