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Bespoke Vertical Farms

Designed and built to fit your requirements

Where can you build a farm?

You can build a vertical farm anywhere – let your imagination run wild! How about down a mine or on top of a building? It may be that you have disused warehousing, a cattle shed or a car park. We can build your vertical farm. We can even build farms on ships In the future there’s no reason why we couldn’t build a farm in space or on another planet!

How high can my vertical farm be?

The sky’s the limit! But bear in mind the higher you go the more complex it becomes and the more automation you need, but anything is possible.

It is our belief that you can create a viable farm in hostile conditions because it is a totally enclosed system. Desert areas and even very cold areas are not going to defeat a bespoke vertical farm.

Growing in hostile environments

In desert regions of the world with high population centres, the challenge of fresh food production has never been greater than right now. These areas of the world are often short on water so vertical farming in a totally controlled environment, using recirculating water systems, helps to minimise water use whilst creating delicious fresh salads, fruit and vegetables for local consumption.

Food miles and food security

Why build a farm hundreds or even thousands of miles from where you need fresh produce? If you are a food manufacturing site making salads, sandwiches or using fresh produce as part of the ingredients, then why not build a multi-level farm right next to (or attached to) your food manufacturing building? This way ensures complete control over quantity, quality, production timing, hygiene standards and food security.

Secure the future of your business with added value and improved customer confidence.

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