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Meeting the required standards

Growstack Ltd Consultancy provides our clients with innovative designs and builds. We are specialists in creating vertical farms that fit the challenges, environments and situations that our clients task us with.

Our horticulturalist has over 40 years growing experience, growing in extreme conditions, and is a specialist in hydroponic systems growing many different crops including micro herbs, micro greens, baby leaf, salads, vegetables and fruit.

When growing in a totally-controlled environment, hygiene is paramount and we understand the importance of controlling and delivering produce to the highest hygiene standards. We can design and implement the systems required to create a hygienic environment to grow food and to collect all the data necessary to meet modern food security and food safety standards demanded by consumers.

Making your farm a success

Our specialist engineers are experts in solving the mechanical and electrical challenges that many unusual sites demand. They will design and build HVAC systems that fit each individual project, to deliver the needs of the plants and the customer.

As a team we design and implement specialist hydroponic growing systems that are specific to the location, environment and crops to be grown.

But our biggest advantage is that once we are working with a client we do not just build and walk away—we want your project and business to be a success so we offer additional support and after sales/build advice to make sure your venture has every chance to succeed.

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