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Project Description

Stockbridge Technology Centre

GrowStack Ltd was asked to build a commercial trials unit for Stockbridge Technology Centre, where growers can come and use the facility to trial crops and learn about growing in a multilevel environment. There are two identical rooms with four levels of growing, fully-automated irrigation and state-of-the-art computer environment control. The unit is unique and designed for growers to learn and have confidence in growing in enclosed spaces before going out and spending money on their own vertical farms.

This facility is flexible and can grow a whole range of crops. Comprised of two completely separate and self-contained units, growers and investors can trial a multitude of ideas and growing conditions to prove a concept before building.


  • GE balanced spectrum LEDS
  • RecirculatingĀ  hydroponic system
  • Ebb and Flood
  • Priva environment computer control
  • Full environment controlĀ  and HVAC
  • Multiple sensor points